What is Exotica Detroit Fetish Weekend?

Imagine an expo that celebrates all things naughty and taboo. Where any adult can explore their darkest and deepest fantasies amongst thousands of like minded people.

That's what EXOTICA is all about!

... 3 DAYS of adult expo where you can shop for anything naughty from clothing and toys to bondage furniture. While you enjoy the numerous vendor booths by the nation's top adult merchandisers, top erotic performers entertain you on the expo's main stage. And when you're too tired to shop, enjoy the Public Play Dungeon.

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Exoticon Detroit Workshops

2016 Exoticon Detroit Workshop Schedule

Exoticon workshops take place at the Token Lounge

Friday -

5pm- Sophia Fenby - “Unboxed” Love your Vagina Seminar

6pm- Noir Halo - Into to Fetish vs. Mainstream Modeling

Learn the different avenues of fetish modeling and mainstream modeling. How to get the most out of fetish modeling, modeling safety, modeling etiquette, networking and more.

Saturday -

12 noon - Jennabelle - Bellydancing Class

Learn the sensual art of bellydancing.

1pm - Misfit - Lapdancing Class

You know you’ve always wanted to learn the best techniques on how to give a sexy lap dance. Misfit will show you how it’s done!

2pm- The Violet Wand Store - Basic Violet Wands-

A brief overview of the history, discussion of safety and health issues, an introduction of techniques and the comparison between older violet wand technologies and techniques and the more modern ones in use today. This class also presents an opportunity for participants to experience the sensations of the violet wand, including direct and indirect contact. This is a hands-on as well a discussion based class. A two and a half page handout is offered to all attendees, this handout contains information on basic safety as well as a list of common FAQ’s. The class can be scaled from 45 minutes to ninety minutes.

3pm - leopard - Massage 101

Massage and Energy Work for the Pathologically Kinky. Sure most anyone can give a back rub the "feels good", but what can we do to move beyond that into the realm of effective, therapeutic, and enjoyable bodywork? A variety of techniques taken from various eastern and western modalities will be shared and explored in a hands-on fashion. The basics of anatomy and physiology as they pertain to body work will also be covered as time permits.

4pm- Mystryss Lily - Fire Play

They say fire cleanses, and burns away negativity. Often times the recipients of fire play describe it as an almost spiritual experience, as well as intense, cathartic, relaxing and exhilarating simultaneously! There are many different types of fire play that can be done, but I have 6 favorites that I really enjoy sharing with others, and I hope those of you who attend this class will enjoy learning to share them as risk awarely, and harm preventatively as possible!

1) Double Fire Flogging

2) Fire Cupping

3) Fire Wands

4) Fire Mousse

5) Flash Cotton

6) Fire Knives/Hatchets

This is a hands on and discussion based class! Please come comfortably dressed, and ready and able to show a lot of skin, if you desire to experience receiving fire. Please do not be wearing flammable fabrics like rayon, nylon, polyester, acetate, etc… but instead leather, cotton, denim, or nothing, if you want to receive?

5pm - Rachel Prenzler - Being Transgender in the kink community

I'm an clinical licensed therapist in both an outpatient and private practice setting. I have been involved in the LGBTQIA community since 2007 and helped set a Transgender support group.I work extensively with people of all sexual orientations and preferences. I am experienced in treating transgender persons and am also BDSM and poly/kink friendly/knowledgeable. I am registered on the Kink Aware Professionals Directory through the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom because I understand that therapy can sometimes be a barrier for people in the kink community, and so my goal is to provide a non-judgmental, safe space for people who practice forms of alternative sexual expression.

7pm - Mystryss Lily - Poetry In Motion

Versatility as a player allows for added fun in your scenes, and can help your bottom last longer. Being able to utilize multiple implements, in varying locations, also makes it so you can find more people who want to experience the skill sets you have to offer; which gives you a higher likelihood of finding partners you really enjoy. Movement during play is very important! How do you bring an implement down on flesh accurately if you are not getting on eye level with your target…you probably don’t?!? Rhythm can add a lot to the enjoyment of a scene. A solid grasp on, and foundation of techniques, can help prevent you from injuring yourself and your bottom. Controlling your implements is imperative to safe play... good body mechanics will enhance that control. This is a hands on and discussion based class.


8pm - leopard - Tantra 101


Breathing, Meditation, and Becoming Present

Tantra? Isn't that just a bunch of ancient kinky sex positions reserved for crazy flexible gymnasts?!? In a word.... no. Contrary to this common misconception, Tantra could be more accurately summarized as the 5000+ year old science of being. This class takes one of the most fundamental and often over looked activities of our day to day lives, breathing, and uses it in a shared experiment in experiencing "the now".


Sunday -1pm - Ms. Megan - Objectification

Objectification is the process of replacing someone’s human identity with another type of identity. This class is designed to teach you about the various types of objectification and how to incorporate them into your scenes, sex, and everyday life. Objectification can be used to heat things up and to keep D/s relationships consistent.

2pm- Alyssa Jade - Using items with your rope: adventures in sadistic rope bondage.

Learn the best techniques for rope tying from Miss Bondage Detroit 2015-2016, Alyssa Jade.

3pm - Ms. Megan - Sensation Play: From Sadistic to Sensual

Humans have five senses that are able to be manipulated for erotic pain and pleasure, so why not take advantage of them?! This class will discuss and demonstrate different ways to enhance sensations felt by your partner and how to use those sensations to inflict pain and pleasure.