What is Exotica Detroit Fetish Weekend?

Imagine an expo that celebrates all things naughty and taboo. Where any adult can explore their darkest and deepest fantasies amongst thousands of like minded people.

That's what EXOTICA is all about!

... 3 DAYS of adult expo where you can shop for anything naughty from clothing and toys to bondage furniture. While you enjoy the numerous vendor booths by the nation's top adult merchandisers, top erotic performers entertain you on the expo's main stage. And when you're too tired to shop, enjoy the Public Play Dungeon.

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Frequently Asked Questions
1) What's the difference between the Exotica Expo and X-Ball?
Exotica is a multi-day event that usually begins on a Thursday night, and doesn't end until Sunday night (though many guests keep the party going at the hotel until Monday morning!). X-Ball is a one night only fetish themed party.

2) Are cameras allowed?
For our daytime events and night time events like the Exotica parties, or at X-Ball, the only people authorized to take pictures are our official photographers and approved media. They all wear specially assigned badges and have been educated on how to take pictures while respecting the privacy of our guests who want to remain anonymous. This means that if we catch you taking pictures with your cellphone, or with a camera that you snuck in, one of our very large security staff will nicely but firmly ask you to put it back in your car, or end up on the flogging bench (OK, we're joking about the last bit!).

3) How should I dress for your events?

You can dress however you want and whatever makes you most comfortable. But while we don't enforce a dress code, we highly encourage people to dress up. YOU are the reason our parties have been so much fun, so why would you wear your everyday clothes expecting things to be different? Have fun and be creative. Our only rules are that all private parts must be covered up. This means that ladies must wear a g-string and no nipples showing (we recommend electrical tape for that), and guys must have at least a g-string. For your safety and comfort, we also recommend that you cover up until you're safely inside our venue.
For our day time functions (during Exotica only), we encourage comfortable shoes as you might spend a lot of time on your feet walking through the vendor area or attending seminars. Some people actually buy their party outfits at the vendor area during the day.

4) But I can't afford latex or an expensive leather corset.
We say that to each other all the time too! Really, it's not about how much you spend on your outfit. It's about how creative you are, and how much fun you have expressing yourself. It's amazing what kind of amazing outfits you can make using some duct tape, plastic cling wrap, and imagination. When in doubt, overdress.

5) Will I be touched or groped?
Of course not... unless you want to be. The most basic rule of BDSM play is that it must be consensual between all parties involved. This means that nobody will touch or force you to do anything without your consent. Likewise, you aren't allowed to touch others without their consent. Any violation of this rule is grounds for your immedate ejection from the event by our staff or friendly but very large bouncers.

6) I'm a man or woman, and I want to cross dress. I'm a human pony and I want to wear my favorite bridle. I'm a bear... no really, I'm a bear and I want to wear a grizzly bear suit!
Then you'll fit right in. In fact, you might just blend in with our typical guests. We WANT you to be as outrageous as you can dream up. Our organizers have even let their favorite costumed people in for free in the past. Just make sure you have your ID to show security.

7) I've never played in a public dungeon/play area but I want to try it out.
Then you're at the right place. We always have public play spaces for our guests and knowledgeable staff to make sure you're playing safely and will answer any questions you have, just look for their badges that say "DM" (Dungeon Monitor). Introduce yourself to the DM(s) on duty and let them know what you want to try. They can explain how the furniture works, how to play safely and sanely. Remember, their job is to make sure that everybody has a good but safe time so if they think you're not ready, or that you've had too many drinks, they'll ask you to take a break. And just like anything else, you have to wait your turn, and give other players plenty of space and respect. You have to provide your own partner and any toys though.

8) I'm a very experienced player. Will security let me in with my bag of toys?
Yes. If you want to use toys in the public play space, you'll have to provide your own. Our security staff will search your bag at the front door for camera or recording equipment only. Be sure to introduce yourself to the DM's and please respect their rules. By the way, for the safety of our guests, we don't allow fire play so leave the fire cups and candles at home.

9) Can I have sex or take illegal drugs at your events?
Did you really think we'd say yes? Of course NOT! Any guests, staff, volunteers, or performers caught soliciting any of these illegal activities will be ejected from the premises immediately.

10) Are there weirdos at your events?
Why yes! It's a party celebrating the weirdos in us, what did you expect? We love weirdos and perverts. But we also expect you to be respectful of other guests. Don't touch, don't insult, and don't tease other guests. We're all there to have a good time, express ourselves, and respect each other. Keep an open mind, and maybe you'll learn something new about yourself. Remember our large bouncers? They'll be making sure that we're all respectful of each other too!

11) So now I really want to go. I've bought my tickets online. Now what?
Simply print up a copy of your Paypal receipt clearly showing your name. Bring the copy and an ID with you to the event registration desk. We'll check you off our Will Call list and you're all set.



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